Strategic • Sound • Trusted

A smart, agile team of legal experts, advocating on your behalf

We offer

Security and certainty

The legal framework in Greece is complex; we are knowledgeable and can navigate you safely through it.

Results and solutions

Optimum results and solutions. We work diligently to protect your rights and solve legal obstacles relating to your business goals.

Peace of mind

Trusted and loyal. You can trust us in attaining your best interests.

Our mission is not only to effectively resolve your legal problems, but also to pre–empt the arisal of potential legal issues, by working together proactively. We help you chart a safe course amid the Greek complex legal system. We provide all the legal expertise and tools needed to achieve the best possible business outcome at the lowest cost.



Our Legal Team

We are a close-knit team of highly trained lawyers with a proven track record that spans over twenty years of working closely together.

We take a strategic approach to every case, a winning combination of complementary skills, experience and a laser-sharp focus on our clients’ needs.

We pay particular attention to the fundamental principles of our profession with respect for the letter of the law.